Three Questions Frequently Asked about Paragliding

Are you thinking of participating in paragliding? If yes, this write-up can provide you with the necessary heads-up. Here I have answered some questions that frequently pop up in an enthusiast’s mind when it comes to the concerned sport. Let us take a close look at them as they are mentioned below in brief:

What is Paragliding?

Both recreational and competitive, paragliding is an aviation adventure sport that has acquired widespread recognition all across the globe because it has successfully fulfilled man’s age-old desire of flying in the sky. The paragliders have a free-flying, foot-launched and light-weighted glider aircraft, with no definite structure. The flyer sits in the harness, which hangs below a wing made of fabric. This wing has a large number of interlinked baffled cells. The shape of the wing is maintained by the pressure of air, which enters the front vents and forces the air to flow outside.

What are the types of Paragliding Competitions?

Paragliding in South Africa can be specifically categorized into three parts and they are described as follows:

1.    Cross-Country Flying is a noted competition having several levels of championships such as club, national and international.

2.    Aerobatics is second in the list and here the participants are required to perform certain specific activities. Individual flyers, as well as pairs, could participate. The entire tournament is a remarkable sight for the spectators on the ground.

3.    Bivouac is the last form of paragliding competition, where pilots need to cover a definite route within a stipulated time frame. It has held its world championship for the seventh time in the year 2015.

What Significant Things One must Consider when Paragliding?

Being in the air could be exhilarating as well as intimidating at the same time. If you desire for successful and safe flights, get ready to keep in mind the vital tips that are stated below:

1.    Make sure to know the parts of a glider before plunging onto the air. Also, do buy equipment for tandem paragliding from a reputed store. You can also seek professional assistance, in case you feel a bit confused.

2.    The success of the flight depends a lot on the weather conditions. Thus, make sure to venture out only if you feel that the sky is bright and clear having no premonition of storms.

3.    Indulging in the sport would not be a viable decision if you do not have adequate preparation. In order to succeed, you need the support of a proficient and experienced instructor, who would teach you all the necessary techniques associated with the activity.

Readers out there, who are willing to take part in this extreme sport, would find the above-mentioned discussion beneficial. So, what are you waiting for? Soar high, float through the fluffy clouds and feel the cool breeze brushing against your cheeks. Take my word for it, participating in paragliding would certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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